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Last Changes
BULGARIA  2017-11-23 20:41:08
Seminar for special self defense
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES  2017-11-23 20:40:43
World Beach Ju-Jitsu Tournament 2018
BULGARIA  2017-11-23 20:40:39
Referee course
BULGARIA  2017-11-23 20:40:35
Specialized World Championship for professionals in Army, Police and Security.
COLOMBIA  2017-11-23 01:50:23
World Beach Ju-Jitsu Tournament Pan American Edition
COLOMBIA  2017-11-22 23:24:48
JJIF session 2017
COLOMBIA  2017-11-15 02:17:07
Senior World Championship 2017
GERMANY  2017-09-24 16:09:14
German Open - JJIF World Ranking - 2017
THAILAND  2017-09-24 14:28:17
AIMS Sportfestival
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES  2017-09-24 14:26:14
World Championship Juniors and Aspirants 2018
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