Traveling to this event?

Traveling to this event?

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Welcome and General Important Information:

There is no guarantee that the event will happen. UAEJJF, JJAU and JJIF are doing everything to make the Asian Championship 2021 possible. But we must accept that dramatic changes by the Pandemic situation that might force us to postpone or cancel the event.

This event will be different to the tournaments we are used to.

The Information provided here are based on the actual rules, regulations and existing Corona Protocols. This might change with short notification. (can be stricter or more relaxed)

After 15. August [Deadline of registration] we will finalize the schedule and determine the categories which will be conducted. Please wait for the confirmation before booking flight tickets. In general booking of flexible flights or refundable tickets is recommended.

Due to the Covid Protocols, we CANNOT accept late entries in the registration.
All procedures became more complicated and need time.

Please understand that the Safety Protocols must be followed. We ask your cooperation with the volunteers and officials in the event, take the required PCR test, stay in your “bubble” and reduce close contact. Being vaccinated is a big advantage and will help the organizer and will protect yourself and the team.

Any touristic and socializing activities must not be attended during the event.
If you plan any it must be after the event!

It is the responsibility of everyone to keep the event safe and avoid infections. Only together we can achieve a return to “as normal as possible”.

All of us experience stressful situations with the pandemic please be patience are respectful with volunteers and staff they must enforce the rules and are there to help you!

The Organizing team


Open to all ASIAN National Members, Two athletes/teams per category per nation

  • Duo-Classic System: Women; Men; Mixed
  • Show-System: Women; Men; Mixed
  • Jiu-Jitsu (Ne Waza)
  • Fighting
  • Contact




Registration: Online up to August 15th, 2021 by Sports ID registration page:

Information under:


Participation to Asian Championship USD 0.00

IT / Registration:  support:

6. Visa

Local organizer is happy to help any country with obtaining visa for athletes and officials.
A special VISA procedure for the event is granted and costs will be covered

For nations, who need VISA to enter United Arab Emirates (UAE), please send the organizer as soon as possible list of participants with full names, passport numbers, date of birth and positions together with a clear passport copy and a high-resolution photo with white background.

Complete visa application should be sent to


7.Rules and Draw

JJIF Competition Rules, Organization and Sporting Code of JJIF. We make an appeal to all participants to respect fair-play and JJIF Book of Ethics! (actual competition rules are provided also on the official web site of JJIF  or JJAU .

Competition organized by bracket with all participants getting a second chance;

Computer program, approved by JJIF;

Draw will be made remote by JJAU Sport Director and responsible officials together with the IT specialist;

The draw will be done after registrations are confirmed for all competition days and it is final!

After publication of first draw coaches have 30min to control and indicate mistakes.

Final brackets will be issued after correction period.

If a competitor will not have the correct weight at weighing – or the birth dates are not correct - he/she will stay in a pool/table but will automatically loose the match

no change will be made to the draw and no refund because of not fulfilling conditions for participation when already registered.

General mistakes discovered at the draw can be corrected by JJIF officials (such as wrong name, persons with similar names put in wrong categories etc.)


8. Referees

JJAU will invite qualified referee for the competition.

Application: Referees can register via in Sports ID for the event.
All referee will be waitlisted first.

The Technical Commission (Head referee of discipline) will decide about participation in consideration of Discipline [s], Availability, License level, Evaluation and Ranking, Gender equality aspects, Country and age mix

Participation in the refreshment is obligatory.

All volunteer referee which had not been invited but want to be part of the event are welcome to support in various roles (Scoring, Gi Checker, Bracket manager, assistant referee, ...) but must cover costs themselves.



2021.09.12 - 2021.09.16

Entry deadline

2021.07.01 - 2021.08.20 (00:50)
Registration expired

Registration mode

Same year (2021)

Time Zone

Asia/Dubai (2023-05-29 15:12)




Al Khaleej Al Arabi St, Al RawdahW57, Abu Dhabi

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Entries: For this event an entry permission is required.
You can simply request it for any event, if you are logged in with an registered user. Request entry permission


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