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We strongly recommend all DUO referees to follow the upgrade course and exam possibilities (for Continental B new licenses) during the Europa CUP DUO. Be aware that the rules for DUO will dramtically change and we therefore need referees whit the most recent update.


We will use the guidelines of the SC of JJIF. 

This means in basic: a appointed head referee of JJIF wil work together with JJEU referee committee and SD to check and appoint the referees for this event.


The Sporting Code (SC) of the Ju-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF), in conjunction with the JJIF Statutes, Financial Rules and Competition Rules, is the binding document for the organisation of World Championships, Continental Championships and all other competitions held under the responsibility and auspices of the JJIF. It is not allowed to deviate from the SC unless, by exception, that has the approval of the JJIF Board and only for reasons beyond the control of the parties.

A Head referee of JJIF with support of the referee commission of JJEU will take care of the selection process together with the Sportdirector.


2023.03.09 (09:00) - 2023.03.12 (20:00)

Entry deadline

2022.11.11 (15:00) - 2023.02.01 (14:59)
Registration expired

Registration mode

Same year (2023)

Time Zone

Europe/Paris (2024-07-23 11:24)




Vequin France

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Entries: For this event no entry permission is required.

All new entries on waiting list
All entries will be first on a waiting list and have to be attended by the event manager. The event manager manually moves these entries to the list of official entries after they are approved and / or after paying the entry fee. If you have any questions please contact the event manager.


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