Event Calendar  XI. MINSK OPEN - SANKER CUP 2015
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2015.10.02 - 2015.10.04

2015.08.24 - 2015.10.01 (expired)

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Exact day (2015.10.02)Europe/Minsk (2017-08-18 17:22)
 BELARUSPieramožcaŭ Ave 111, Minsk, Belarus
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Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the SANKER CUP Organizing Committee I have the honor to invite You to the 11th International Karate Tournament MINSK OPEN - SANKER CUP.

Tournament will be held at Oct 2-4 2015 in the one of the best
European sports complex "MinskArena"

SANKER CUP is the one of the largest competition in Eastern Europe. Western and Eastern teams traditionally take part in.

In the previous years SANKER CUP give karateka's a good reception from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, China, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Syria, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Estonia.

We will be glad to see You and Your team in Minsk on our event!

With best regards,
Chairman of Association "Minsk Karate Federation"
Pavel Piatsko

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