WAC - WKF Accredited Competiton
19.03.2012 15:37

The WKF Accredited Competitions (WAC) are Karate competitions recognized and supported by the World Karate Federation. Besides the Karate1 Premier League and the Karate1 World Cup the WAC form the basis of WKF Karate presenting standardized and well-organized Karate competitions. Its aim is to bring together professional and semi-professional Karate competitors in single events.

As a reliable seal of quality for Karate competitions the WAC-status can be granted to all-styles Karate events as well as to single-style events.

WAC events are scheduled in the official WKF Calendar as "WKF Accredited Competitions" or "WKF Accredited Styles Competitions". Furthermore, WAC event organizers are also allowed to use the customized WKF and WAC logo for all documents related to the WAC event.

Under these premises WAC offer an additional source of identification, motivation and inspiration, especially for those competitors and event organizers who want to be a future part of Karate1. The hosting countries get the chance to present themselves to a wide audience, while giving their athletes the opportunity of competing at the highest level. And, last but not least, the top Karate athletes of many regions obtain an additional platform to compete, improve their skills, attract sponsors and create income.

While maintaining the individual character of each event, all WAC have to meet certain standards in order to achieve the above-mentioned goals.

If any organizer is intereseted to join the WAC project with his or her competiton please contact WKF or the Sportdata Support Team.

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