KA01 Individual Kata - Wheelchair Mixed
KA02 Disability Individual Kata Mixed
KA03 Male Kata 8-9yrs
KA04 Female Kata 8-9yrs
KA05 Male Kata 10-11yrs
KA06 Female Kata 10-11yrs
KA07 Male Kata 12-13yrs
KA08 Female Kata 12-13yrs
KA09 Male Kata Cadet 14-15yrs
KA10 Female Kata Cadet 14-15yrs
KA11 Male Kata Junior 16-17yrs
KA12 Female Kata Junior 16-17yrs
KA13 Male Kata Junior 18-21yrs
KA14 Female Kata Junior 18-21yrs
KA15 Male Kata Senior 22-39yrs
KA16 Female Kata Senior 22-39yrs
KA17 Male Kata Veterans 40-49yrs
KA18 Female Kata Veterans 40-49yrs
KA19 Male Kata Masters 50yrs and above
KA20 Female Kata Masters 50yrs and above
KA21 Koten Kata Mixed 8-12yrs
KA22 Koten Kata Mixed 13-17yrs
KA23A Koten Kata Mixed 18-39yrs
KA23B Koten Kata Mixed 40-49yrs
KA24 Koten Kata Mixed 50yrs and over
KAT01 Male Team Kata 8-10yrs
KAT03 Male Team Kata 11-13yrs
KAT04 Female Team Kata 11-13yrs
KAT05 Male Team Kata 14-16yrs
KAT06 Female Team Kata 14-16yrs
KAT07 Male Team Kata 17-19yrs
KAT08 Female Team Kata 17-19yrs
KAT09 Male Team Kata 19yrs and above
KAT10 Female Team Kata 19yrs and above
KAT11 Family Kata Mixed
KU01 Male Kumite Wheelchair
KU03 Male Kumite 8-9yrs Open
KU04 Female Kumite 8-9yrs Open
KU05 Male Kumite 10-11yrs Open
KU06 Female Kumite 10-11yrs Open
KU07 Male Kumite 12-13yrs Open
KU08 Female Kumite 12-13yrs Open
KU09 Female Kumite Cadet 14-15yrs -47kg
KU10 Female Kumite Cadet 14-15yrs -54kg
KU11 Female Kumite Cadet 14-15yrs +54kg
KU12 Male Kumite Cadet 14-15yrs -57kg
KU13 Male Kumite Cadet 14-15yrs -63kg
KU14 Male Kumite Cadet 14-15yrs +63kg
KU15 Female Kumite Junior 16-17yrs -53kg
KU16 Female Kumite Junior 16-17yrs -59kg
KU17 Female Kumite Junior 16-17yrs +59kg
KU18 Male Kumite Junior 16-17yrs -61kg
KU19 Male Kumite Junior 16-17yrs -68kg
KU20 Male Kumite Junior 16-17yrs +68kg
KU21Female Kumite U21 18-20yrs -55kg
KU22 Female Kumite U21 18-20yrs -61kg
KU23 Female Kumite U21 18-20yrs +61kg
KU24 Male Kumite U21 18-20yrs -67kg
KU25 Male Kumite U21 18-20yrs -75kg
KU26 Male Kumite U21 18-20yrs +75kg
KU27 Female Kumite Senior 21-39yrs -55kg
KU28 Female Kumite Senior 21-39yrs -61kg
KU29 Female Kumite Senior 21-39yrs +61kg
KU30 Male Kumite Senior 21-39yrs -67kg
KU31 Male Kumite Senior 21-39yrs -75kg
KU32 Male Kumite Senior 21-39yrs +75kg
KU33 Male Kumite Veterans 40-49yrs Open
KU34 Female Kumite Veterans 40-49yrs Open
KU35 Male Kumite Masters 50-59 yrs Open
KU36 Female Kumite Masters 50yrs and over Open
KU37 Male Kumite Masters 60yrs and over Open
KUT01 Male Team Kumite 8-10yrs
KUT03 Male Team Kumite 11-13yrs
KUT04 Female Team Kumite 11-13yrs
KUT05 Male Team Kumite 14-16yrs
KUT06 Female Team Kumite 14-16yrs
KUT07 Male Team Kumite 17-19yrs
KUT08 Female Team Kumite 17-19yrs
KUT09 Male Team Kumite 19yrs and over
KUT10 Female Team Kumite 19yrs and over
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