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Dates :

11. Nov 2016 (Fri) : Annual General Meeting, referee meeting, weighing, registration, Wado Kata seminar, Dan grading, etc
12. Nov. 2016 (Sat) : European Wado Kai Championship 2016


GoEasy Sport&Freizeit Arena Hardstrasse 10, CH-5301 Siggenthal Station


SWKO Swiss Wadokai Karate Do Organization on behalf of the Federation of Wadokai Europe (FWE)

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Entry requirements

  • Only Karatekas who are members of a national Wadokai association, member (or guest) of the FWE, are allowed to participate in European Wadokai Karate Championship.
  • In individual categories only 2 athletes per country (except U14 and U16, where 3 sportsmen per country per category can participate) are eligible to compete, as well as 1 team per country in team categories.
  • Each contestant is allowed to be registered only in his/her age category!
  • Registration upward is not possible neither in individual nor in team events!
  • Registrations of contestants, referees and officials have to be made over Sportdata. No other registration method will be accepted.

Age groups

  • U14 = 11+12+13 years
  • U16 =14+15 years
  • U18= 16+17 years
  • U21= 18+19+20 years
  • Seniors : +18 years

Entry fees

  • Individual categories: 15€
  • Team KATA categories: 30€
  • Team KUMITE categories: 50€

Rules & Regulations

The competition will follow the current Federation of Wado-Kai Europe Competition Rules with exceptions, especially established for Wadokai Europe.


This Event is only for Members of the FWE (Federation of Wadokai Europe)

  • If you are practicing Wado-Kai karate (JKF Japan Karate Federation of Wado Kai) and your country is not represented in our organization, please ask for a membership by contacting us.
  • Your organization can be invited to participate at the championship as guest. You will be able to introduce yourselves and your organization at the FWE general meeting the day before the competition.




Entry deadline:

2016.06.01 - 2016.11.06
Registration expired

Registration mode

Exact day (2016.11.12)

Time Zone

Europe/Zurich (2022-01-25 15:11)




5301 Siggenthal Station, Hardstrasse 10

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Entries: For this event an entry permission is required.
You can simply request it for any event, if you are logged in with an registered user. Request entry permission

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