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Transylvania Open Grand Prix
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2019.02.01 - 2019.02.03

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2018.08.01 - 2019.02.01 (23:00)

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Exact day (2019.02.01)

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Europe/Zurich (2019-05-25 23:14)




Transylvania , Romania, EU.

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Entries: For this event no entry permission is required.

Limited number of entries: 1200
If limit is set higher than 0 and limit is reached, no more entries can be entered by clubs. All further entries will be on a waiting list and have to be attended by the event manager. The event manager will decide, if entries of the waiting list will be accepted or not. If you have any questions please contact the event manager.

Now we cumulate all entries, so if your athletes/team is not any more to sportdata , do not worry your registration it is ok, tomorrow we will send timetable and you can see your athletes to karateprogram.ok. 

You can make registration sportada.org or karateprogram.ok                                                             News : smiley to 28.01.2019 we have 623 entries representing  61%  from clubs wich  are confirmed.                 So, next days we wait more 49 % entries.                                                                                        angel we make registration 65 Association/clubs                                                                                    smiley Countries :                                                                                                                                          already register : Romania, Hungary,Ukraina, Serbia, Cehia,Slovenia, Polonia,                                                          Brazilia, Belgia, Italia, Grecia, Bulgaria                                                                   wait for visa or not make yet registration: Azerbaijan, Egypt, Iraq, India,                                                                                                             Pakistan,Maroc

Few Details :

* 9 Edition Seminar PSK - the best teachers on the world (last editions : J. Lefevre, I. Leal, G. Tsanos, L. Bunda, M. Mannini, Sagrunov...)

* 3 Edition Transylvania Karate Festival - Winter Camp & Relax - Athletes & Parents (Baile Felix, the largest SPA Area , 3 aquaparks , hundreds of hotels)

* 2 Edition Transylvania Grand Prix (last years : 17 Countries , 4 National Teams, 53.000 persons watching Live Tv, World and Continental referees )






More Details Soon !

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