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Auckland Primary & Intermediate School Champs 2018
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Auckland Primary & Intermediate School Champs 2018
Last update of this site: 2018-11-08 09:30:52



Entry deadline:

2018.10.11 - 2018.11.07

Registration mode

Exact day (2018.11.07)

Time Zone

Pacific/Auckland (2019-06-20 21:10)




Auckland Netball Centre 7 Allison Ferguson Drive

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Entries: For this event no entry permission is required.

All new entries on waiting list
All entries will be first on a waiting list and have to be attended by the event manager. The event manager manually moves these entries to the list of official entries after they are approved and / or after paying the entry fee. If you have any questions please contact the event manager.

Only this countries are allowed to register competitors: NEW ZEALAND



We have the honour of inviting you to Auckland Primary and Intermediate Schools Karate Championships 2018. This tournament includes Development, Intermediate and Premier Divisions. Development and Intermediate divisions are designed to give new and less experienced competitors the opportunity to try a karate tournament as well as a chance to learn from watching our more experienced competitors. Our hope is for all participants to have an enjoyable time and to be successful in this tournament whether it is because of great results or good improvement.

-Karate Auckland Inc


WHEN   SUNDAY 11 November 2018

WHERE Auckland Netball Centre

7 Allison Ferguson Drive, Stonefields, Auckland

Competition commences at 9.00am

Onsite cafe will be operating all day

Plenty of onsite car parking available



INDIVIDUAL Entry                                  $ 45.00

Sorry, paper entries are no longer accepted.

KNZ Registered Player discount                ($10.00)


Sportdata does not deduct any discounts when calculating the entry fee you have to manually calculate the entry fee and pay this amount.

Internet Banking 03 0123 0328727 000

Please use competitors name as reference.

KNZ Registered Player – is different to any club registration you have paid. If you are not sure what this is you are probably not KNZ Registered. Registration forms are available at


Full refund of Entry Fee paid can only be given if a competitor withdraws by Wednesday 7th November 2018 as we will start to prepare the draw that evening. Refunds after this date will only be provided if a Medical Certificate is forwarded to the Tournament Organiser. If your event has been cancelled due to lack of numbers and you have not been reallocated to another event then you will be entitled to a refund for that portion of your entry fee.



You should enter online via your Instructor.



(Please note that these times are Provisional. Times may change due to the numbers of competitors. Please check back the day before the competition to confirm your starting times.)

   9.00 am             Welcome

                                Years 1 - 4

                                Kata Events

                                Kumite Events  

 11.00 am             Years 5 - 8

                                Kata Events

                                Kumite Events

   2.00 pm             Estimated Finish Time

A more accurate schedule will be produced when competitor numbers are known.



WKF Rules with following modifications


The judging of all Kata competition will follow the WKF flag system.


Beginner Kata - competitors are limited to Kihon (basic) Kata: such as Heian 1-5, Pinan 1-5, Gekisai 1-2 and Saifa.

Style Kata not approved by WKF will also be permitted, like Naihanchi, Naihunchin and Taikyoku. Competitors can repeat same kata in each round if they like.

Intermediate Kata - competitors are limited to Kihon (basic) Kata: such as Heian 1-5, Pinan 1-5, Gekisai 1-2 and Saifa and you may perform any WKF kata in the Medal rounds. Repeats are allowed but only in an “ABC” format.

Premier Kata - any approved WKF kata including Development Kata. No Repeats as per WKF rules BUT for ages 5 – 9 years old, Premier Kata competitors are limited to to Kihon (basic) Kata: such as Heian 1-5, Pinan 1-5, Gekisai 1-2 and Saifa except in medal rounds when a Premier Kata may be performed. No repeats are allowed.


Kata Requirements

Competitors must announce the name of the kata they are performing before they start the kata. They must also bow inside the competition area before starting and bow after completing the kata.

KUMITE (sparing)

For all competitors techniques to the head can score as per WKF rules but absolutely NO CONTACT TO THE HEAD WILL BE ALLOWED.  Any contact (unless by self-endangerment—Mubobi) including skin touch will be penalised.



Bouts will be:

1.5 min stopped clock for all Kumite Events.


All Kumite competitors MUST wear

  • WKF/OKF/KNZ Approved body protector. THese can be worn on the inside OR outside of the dogi
  • Mouth guards
  • Red or blue belts
  • Red or blue hand mitts (matching the belt they are competing in)
  • Red and blue foot protectors and must match the belt colour in the premier divisions. The exception is In Development and Intermediate Events where these can be red, blue or white AND don’t have to match the belt colour. 

Kumite competitors MAY wear

Groin protectors (WKF type)
, Head protection—WKF face mask or other acceptable padded protection as apprve by the organising comittee.





Divisions with:

Three competitors will be run round robin with the placing’s decided on the number of wins achieved. If each competitor has one win each then placing’s will be decided on total points scored.

Four competitors there will be a match between the two competitors who have not won a match to decide on one third place.

Five or more competitors will have a repechage to decide the third-equal placing’s.



This is a Guide to the divisions.:

(Please select the division that is most appropriate for your ability level. If you do not stretch yourself you will not improve. If you have previously won a division it may be time to consider a move to the next level).

Development - Less than 5 Karate NZ tournaments AND less than 60% of the way to black belt. Eg. In a 10 Kyu system, less than 4th Kyu

Intermediate - Less than 10 Karate NZ tournaments

Premier - Open to all players. Experienced at tournament

Once you become a Premier competitor you can not move back down to Intermediate when you

change age groups. Available for NZ team selection.



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