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Toronto Open 2019


Ontario Karate Federation proudly announce you that the Toronto Open 2019 will be held on June 01 & 02 2019 at Brampton soccer Center, Brampton Ontario

It has included Recreational, Elite and Weapon divisions.



Registration Information


1. WKF Rules will be applied for Elite and Recreational divisions, all divisions are single Elimination.


2. Registration ends on Saturday, May 25 2019.



3. All registration will be done online through Sportdata. Please visit:


4. Registration Fees for Elite and Recreational:

              1 division= $60, Additional divisions (after 1 division)= $20


5. Venue Spectator Entrance fees: Kids’ $5/person, Adults $10/person


6. The tournament starts at 7:55 am

Recreational and Elite on Sunday  


7. Location:

Brampton Soccer Centre, 1495 Sandalwood Pky E, Brampton ON L6R 0K2


8. Officials must register in the Sportdata via a Club.  No official will be paid if not registered with Sport data.

9. The dojo heads shall register all athletes for their club under one account. Please ensure that all registered Ontario athletes are in good standing with Ontario Karate Federation.


10. Coaches / Dojo Chief Instructors or Owners must have a coach’s pass to sit on the chair and be on the tournament floor.


11. Elite Athletes are not allow to compete in Recreational Divisions (Kata or Kumite), same as Recreational Athletes are not allow to compete in Elite divisions.


12. All Officials must be at tournament location before 7:30 AM for official briefing.  Please make sure you are arriving before this time.


13. Age Eligibility: The Club Instructor/ Coach are responsible for registering their athletes in the appropriate age category.


14. Athletes, Coaches, Volunteers and Officials once you are participating in Ontario Karate Federation Tournament, you are giving the rights to Publish your Name, Pictures and Videos on the Medias and Websites.




Katas cannot be repeated during the first 5 matches for juniors and the first 7 matches for seniors.

Kata will be conducted in new WKF point system.


"The use of WKF Facemask/Headgear and Chest Protectors is highly recommended for athletes in the following age categories: 10‐11yrs & 12‐13yrs. Parents and Coaches will take full responsibility for athletes who choose not to wear this protective equipment. The OKF will not be held responsible for any cause or injuries."


The bout duration is 1.5 minutes stop time (10-11yrs & 12-13yrs)

All Cadet and Junior Kumite Divisions (14-15, 16-17) Bouts duration will be 2 minutes (stop time).

All Men and Women Kumite Divisions (U21 & Senior) Bout duration will be 3 minutes (stop time).


Compulsory protective WKF equipment:

Mitts, one contestant wearing red and the other wearing blue.  Gum shield.  Body protection for all athletes plus chest protector for female athletes.  Shin pads, one contestant wearing red and the other wearing blue.  Foot protection, one Red and the other wearing blue.  Groin guards.

Gum sheilds must fit properly.  Glasses are forbidden.  Soft contact lenses can be worn at the contestant’s own risk.  The wearing of unauthorised apparel, clothing or equipmenet is forbidden.

The use of bandages, padding, or supports because of injury must be approved by the referee on the advise of the tournomenet doctor.

Coaches shall all time during the tournomenet, wear the official tracksuite and display their official identification.


Recreation Rules


All the same rules for Elite competitions will apply for Recreational competitions except as per follow.


  1. Sport goggles may be worn at the contestant’s own risk with rubber band to make sure it secured
  2. Any safety equipment other than what is listed for elite must be approved by the referee committee on the day of the tournament.
  3. Novice can wear belt of grade as long as there is different equipment color Red or Blue wear by competitors.
  4. Duration of bout will be the same as Elite.  Under 10 years old 1.5 minutes running time.
  5. Under 14 years old all throwing techniques are prohibited
  6. External chest protector for under 14 years-old
  7. Under 12 Tatami can be 8x8 m or 6 x 6 m



  1. Kata may be repeated only in recreational
  2. Kata should perform from WKF kata list
  3. Kata competition will be single elimination
  4. Under 12 years old failing to complete the kata give a second attempt without reduction of score.




Final Tournament Schedule will be posted at Sportdata on May 26 2019


Expected time to finish is 4 hours from start time.

Be present at least 20 minutes before your event begins.

*Note this is a guideline. Please Check at Sportdata for accurate schedule.


"Who wish to participate in this Event you must have your own insurance".

Thank you

Shiva Vadivelu

Ontario Karate Federation


2019.06.02 (07:55)

Entry deadline:

2019.01.02 - 2019.05.27
Registration expired

Registration mode

Exact day (2019.06.02)

Time Zone

America/Toronto (2020-09-25 03:58)




Brampton Soccer Centre, 1495 Sandalwood Pky E, Brampton ON L6R 0K2, Canada

Site plan


Route plan


Downloads / Gallery





Entries: For this event an entry permission is required.
You can simply request it for any event, if you are logged in with an registered user. Request entry permission

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