ONAKAI National Junior Championship 2019
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2019 ONAKAI, National Junior Karate Championship

Sunday 28 April 2019

Kata and Kumite - categories for members 5-20yrs


The tournament will follow WKF Rules for cadet and junior athletes and will closely follow WKF guidelines for children under 14yrs.  It will start at 9am, and finish at 5pm.

Please register athletes, coaches, referees, judges, table officials etc using sportdata.  All club leaders are expected to register officials to support the organisation and running of the event.

Club leaders/Coaches are required to ensure their athletes are adequately insured to compete in this tournament.



This tournament will follow the flag system, where Aka and Ao will compete against each other in a knockout style competition.

Children Under 10yrs may perform the same kata in each round. Both Aka and Ao will compete simultaneously.

Children 10-11yrs will alternate between at least 2 katas.

Children 12-13yrs will alternate between at least 2 katas in the elimination rounds but MUST perform a 3rd Kata in the final.

Cadet, Junior and Under 21yrs will follow the  WKF  rules and will perform a different kata in each round.

Team Kata:  will be available for 3 person mixed age/gender teams. Juniors: beginner -4th Kyu and Seniors: 3rd Kyu+.. Juniors, beginner -4th Kyu will alternate between 2 katas. Seniors, 3rd Kyu+, will perform a different kata in each round.



All athletes will wear gum shield, red/blue belts and mitts.

No glasses, jewellry, or metal objects in hair (1 or 2 ponytail retainers).

Children 8yrs+ will wear shin/instep protection

Children 14yrs+ will wear chest/body protection, as per WKF rules.


National Ranking Points will be offered to individual categories 14yrs+  in individual WKF categories only. No ranking points will be awarded to team or Open weight categories.


Cost for children 5-11yrs is EUR15.00 per event, athletes 12-21yrs is EUR20.00 per event.  If not already done, please make cash or cheque payment on the day.

The organisers reserve the right to amalgamate categories with low entries.





Entry deadline:

2019.04.02 - 2019.04.25
Registration expired

Registration mode

Exact day (2019.04.28)

Time Zone

Europe/London (2020-08-15 03:49)




Tallaght Leisure Centre, Fortunestown Way, Tallaght, Dublin

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Entries: For this event an entry permission is required.
You can simply request it for any event, if you are logged in with an registered user. Request entry permission

All new entries on waiting list
All entries will be first on a waiting list and have to be attended by the event manager. The event manager manually moves these entries to the list of official entries after they are approved and / or after paying the entry fee. If you have any questions please contact the event manager.

Limited number of entries: 200
If limit is set higher than 0 and limit is reached, no more entries can be entered by clubs. All further entries will be on a waiting list and have to be attended by the event manager. The event manager will decide, if entries of the waiting list will be accepted or not. If you have any questions please contact the event manager.

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