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1495 Sandalwood Pky E, Brampton, ON L6R 0K2, Canada

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Only this countries are allowed to register competitors: CANADA (Ontario)


Shiva Fighters Karate Cup-2020

International Open &

“OKF Recreational Tournament”


Shiva Fighters Karate Ltd

Is pleased to invite you and your Karate team to participate in our Open tournament of the year, which will be held on April, 04th & 5th 2020 at Brampton Soccer Centre (Brampton, Ontario) a details competition Information, registration and more are provided in the Tournament Package. We are Looking forward to meet you at the tournament


Upto $25,000 Honorarium

                                                                                  Men Team Kumite: $2,000 Honorarium (Upto 5 Teams)

         $5,000 Honorarium (6 - 10 Teams)

             $10,000 Honorarium (11 - 15 Teams)

             $15,000 Honorarium (16 - 20 Teams)

         $20,000 Honorarium (21 + Teams)


Men Open Kumite: $5,000 Honorarium (Over 40 Athletes)

              $2,000 Honorarium (Over 20 Athletes)

              $1,000 Honorarium (Over 10 Athletes)


                      Junior Boys (16-17yrs) Team Kumite: $500 Honorarium (Minimum of 5 Teams)

                        Cadet Boys (14-15yrs) Team Kumite: $500 Honorarium (Minimum of 5 Teams)

                        Youth Boys (12-13yrs) Team Kumite: $500 Honorarium (Minimum of 5 Teams)

                             Mixed Female (12-17yrs) Team Kumite: $500 Honorarium (Minimum of 5 Teams)

Note- Female and Male Team Kumite 3-7 Athletes (3 to 5 bought/fights)    Winners selected by Total points

Spectators Fee: Saturday $10/person, Sunday $10/person, Kids- $5/person, free for kids under 5 years. 50% of Entrance Fee will go towards winners of Team Kumite for athletes’ developments.



Tournament Fees:      Adults and Children – CAN $60/person for 1 division only

Additional division CAN $20/division

Men’s Open Kumite - $100/person

Men’s Team Kumite - $500/ Team

Junior, Cadet, Youth & Girls Team Kumite - $150/Team

(All Fees are separate and cannot be substituted)

Registration deadline: Saturday, March 28 2020

“No Registration at the Door to host a quality and enjoyable Tournament”



Please ensure that your athletes, officials and parents are aware of the following;

  1. International Athletes, Officials and Coaches must have your own Insurance to participate in the tournament (including USA).
  2.  All registrations and payments at the Sportdata can be done by the Club Instructor only. Link:
  3. WKF Rules for Elite and modify WKF rules for Team Kumite and recreational Divisions.
  4. Recreational and Elite – Kata(by Flags) & Kumite will be Single Elimination. If 4 or less athletes will be Round robin. ALL Team Kata and Team Kumite will be Single Elimination.
  5. If a division has more than 8 athletes (except Open divisions & Team kumite), the division will be split into 2 or 3 pools. Each pools will award their own medalists(Gold, silver and Bronze)
  6. Participation Medals will be given to the Club Instructors for Athletes under 7 years of age in addition to final medalists (Gold, Silver, and Bronze).
  7. There will be a Tournament dispute/Contest Committee will be on site to address and resolve any issues that may arise from the Athletes or Parents. Referees will also be monitored to increase performance.
  8. Referees: Please register your names 2 weeks ahead onto the Sport data to receive the honorarium (Licences: None-$50, Provincial -$100, National-$125, Pkf-$150, Wkf-$200).
  9. Parents/Guardians must sign for junior competitors in the signature space provided on the “Club Summary” form.
  10. Competitors must wear Protective Equipment that is approved by Provincial, KC, PKF and WKF or same style/design.
  11. Mouth guards, Head gear (under 13yrs), groin protector (optional), knuckle pads, chest guard, shin pad with foot pad are mandatory for all Kumite competitors regardless of age. Glasses are not allowed; exception for proper safety glasses with straps.
  12. Club Coaches must wear their coach tracksuit and the Provincial or National Coach ID.
  13. Athletes, Coaches, Volunteers and Officials once you are participating in Shiva Fighters Karate Cup-2020 Tournament, you are giving the rights to Publish your Name, Pictures and Videos on the Medias and Websites.


Thank you 

Tournament Committee

Shiva Fighters Karate Ltd


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