01 Cadet Female Kata
02 Cadet female kumite -47kg
03 Cadet female kumite -54kg
04 Cadet female kumite 54+kg
05 Cadet Male Kata
06 cadet Male Kumite -52kg
07 Cadet Male Kumite -57kg
08 Cadet Male kumite -63kg
09 Cadet male kumite -70kg
10 Cadet Male kumite 70+kg
11 Junior Female Kata
12. Junior Female Kumite -48kg
13 Junior female kumite -53kg
14 Junior female Kumite -59kg
15 Junior Female Kumite 59+kg
16 Junior Male Kata
17 Junior Male Kumite -55kg
18 Junior male Kumite -61kg
19 Junior male Kumite -68kg
20 Junior Male Kumite -76kg
21 Junior male kumite 76+kg
22 Under 21yrs kata Female
23 under 21yrs female kumite -50kg
24 under 21yrs female kumite -55kg
25 under 21yrs female Kumite -61kg
26 under 21yrs Female Kumite -68kg
27 under 21yrs female kumite 68+kg
28 under 21yrs male Kata
29 Under 21yrs Male kumite -60kg
30 under 21yrs kumite -67kg
31 under 21yrs kumite male -75kg
32 under 21yrs Male kumite -84kg
33 under 21yrs male kumite 84+kg
34 Senior Kata female
34B. Kata Veterans Female 40yrs +
35 Senior female kumite -50kg
36 Senior Female kumite -55kg
37 Senior female kumite -61kg
38 Senior Female Kumite -68kg
39. Senior Female Kumite +68kg
39B. Veterans Female kumite open weight 40yrs +
40 Senior Male Kata
40B. Kata Veterans Male 40yrs +
41 Senior Male Kumite -60kg
42 Senior Male Kumite -67kg
43 Senior Male Kumite -75kg
44 Senior Male Kumite -84kg
45 Senior Male Kumite 84+kg
45B. Veterans Male Kumite open weight 40yrs +
46 female kata 12/13yrs
47 female 12/13yrs kumite -42kg
48 female 12/13yrs kumite -47kg
49 female 12/13yrs kumite 47+kg
50 Male 12/13yrs kata
51 male 12/13yrs kumite -40kg
52 male 12/13yrs kumite -45kg
53 male 12/13yrs kumite -50kg
54 under 14yrs Male Kumite -55kg
55 male 12/13yrs kumite 55+kg
56. Female Kata 10/11yrs
57. Female 10/11yrs Kumite -30kg
58. Female Kumite 10/11yrs -35kg
59. Female Kumite 10/11yrs -40kg
60. Female Kumite 10/11yrs +40kg
61. Male Kata 10/11yrs
62. Male Kumite 10/11yrs -30kg
63. Male Kumite 10/11yrs -35kg
64. Male Kumite 10/11yrs -40kg
65. Male Kumite 10/11yrs -45kg
66. Male Kumite 10/11yrs +45kg
68. Para female Visually Impaired
69. Para female intellectually impaired
71. Para Male Visually Impaired
72. Para Male intellectually impaired
73. Female team Kata senior
74. Female team Kumite senior
75. Female team Kumite Juniors 16/17yrs
76. Female team Kumite 14/15yrs
77. Male team Kata senior
78. Male team Kumite seniors
79. Male team Kumite juniors
80. Male team Kumite 14/15yrs
81. Female team Kata 14/15yrs
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Traveling to this event?

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