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Finnish Open & Cup 2019
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2019.02.16 - 2019.02.17

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2018.12.09 - 2019.02.08
59 days 14 hours

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Tapiolan Urheiluhalli, Urheilupuistontie 2, Espoo

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FINNISH KICKBOXING FEDERATION – Member of WAKO – www.kickboxing.fi




 Finnish Kickboxing Federation and tournament promoter Espoon Kehähait are pleased to officially invite all kickboxing clubs around the world to participate in the International Finnish Open and Finnish Cup 2019 in Espoo, Finland. For 2019, Finnish Cup is a new category for athletes who have a maximum of 3 fights – in any combat sport allowing strikes – before entering the tournament.


DATE 16th – 17th FEBRUARY 2019 CITY Espoo, Finland. Espoo belongs to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. VENUE Tapiolan Urheiluhalli, Urheilupuistontie 2, 02200 Espoo

OFFICIAL SCHEDULE Saturday 16th February 8:30 – 10:00 Registration, Medical Check and Weigh-in at the venue Saturday 16th February 10:30 Draw at the venue Saturday 16th February 12:00 International Judges and Referees Seminar Saturday 16th February 13:00 Qualification Fights and Semi Finals Sunday 17th February 8:00 – 8:30 Weigh-in at the venue Sunday 17th February 11:00 Finals and possibly some Semi Finals RULES The Finnish Open bouts will be contested under the WAKO K1 and Full Contact amateur rules and regulations, which can be found at the official WAKO web site at www.wakoweb.com.

For Finnish Cup the rules are the same, except in K1: knees to the head are not allowed.

JUDGES AND REFEREES Any team can provide one judge of the national or international category (WAKO).

Head Referee is Mr Sami Savo, email: sami.savo@gmail.com Tel +358 40 503 7007. Mr Sami Savo represents the WAKO Europe’s International Referee Committee of Rings Sports and he will keep a Judges and Referees Seminar on Saturday 16th February.

FINNISH KICKBOXING FEDERATION – Member of WAKO – www.kickboxing.fi AGE AND WEIGHT DIVISIONS FOR FINNISH OPEN AND FINNISH CUP · Younger Juniors Male (15 – 16 years old) MYJK1 / MYJFC: -42, -45, -48, -51, -54, -57, -60, -63.5, -67, -71, -75, -81, +81 kg · Younger Juniors Female (15 – 16 years old) FYJK1 / FYJFC: -36, -40, -44, -48, -52, -56, -60, +60 kg · Seniors Male (19 – 40 years old), Older Juniors Male (17 – 18 years old) MK1 / MOJK1 / MFC / MOJFC: -51, -54, -57, -60, -63,5, -67, -71, -75, -81, -86, -91, +91 kg · Seniors Female (19 – 40 years old), Older Juniors Female (17 – 18 years old) FK1 / FOJK1 / FFC / FOJFC: -48, -52, -56, -60, -65, -70, +70 kg BOUT DURATION For Seniors, Older Juniors and Younger Juniors, the Bout Duration is 3x2 min.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT Organizer will provide 10 oz boxing gloves. Competitors must bring all other Safety Equipment by themselves. Helmets must be according to the color of the corner. In K1, the shin protection must be according to the color of the corner. CLOTHING Clothing of the athletes and cornermen must comply with WAKO Rules and Regulations. NOTE: Muay Thai symbols are not permitted in shorts and cornermen must wear sweatpants.

 ENTRY FEE Early Bird Entry Fee is 20 Euros per competitor when paid to Finnish Kickboxing Federation’s bank account by the 28th January. The Team Name and “Finnish Open” must be mentioned in the payment message. The Entry Fee is 30 Euros per competitor, if it is paid after the 28th January. If a fighter’s participation is canceled, a Medical Certificate is needed to have the Entry Fee refunded. Bank Information: IBAN FI06 8000 1670 2595 64 SWIFT DABAFIHH RECEIVER Suomen Potkunyrkkeilyliitto ry FINNISH KICKBOXING FEDERATION – Member of WAKO – www.kickboxing.fi RING All fights will take place in an official size boxing ring, set on a raised platform, meeting the international standards.

MEDALS In each class, competitors at 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will get a medal. REGISTRATION The Registration Deadline for fighters, coaches, referees and judges is 28th January 2019. The Registration is done online at www.sportdata.org/kickboxing/ The Registration is needed in due time to determine the exact quantity of medals. The number of coaches per club is restricted in the following manner: 1 – 4 competitors → maximum of 3 coaches per club 5 competitors or more → maximum of 4 coaches per club PASSPORT All competitors must prove their identity and age with a valid Passport or ID Card. All competitors must also present a valid WAKO Sport Pass or Sport Pass of their WAKO affiliated national kickboxing federation.

MEDICAL All competitors must have passed a Medical Examination within 12 months of the championships to determine themselves fit to compete in kickboxing. The proof of the Medical Examination must be presented at the official weigh-in on Saturday 16th February. INSURANCE The event organizer has not insured the competitors against possible injuries during the event. Competitors must insure themselves against injuries in a kickboxing competition and present a certificate of the insurance at the official weigh-in on Saturday 16th February. The certificate must be in English or Finnish. DOPING AND OTHER BANNED SUBSTANCES It is forbidden to participate in the Finnish Open Championships under the influence of doping, narcotics, alcohol or other banned substances. In the Finnish Open Championships, competitors may be tested against banned substances according to WADA rules and regulations. FINNISH KICKBOXING FEDERATION – Member of WAKO – www.kickboxing.fi VISA All participants must take visas in the Finnish embassies in their countries, if needed. RESPONSIBILITY Head Coaches and Representatives of the Teams are fully responsible for their athletes. ACCOMMODATION All teams are responsible themselves for arranging and paying their accommodation during the championships. It is strongly recommended to book the accommodation well in advance, as soon as you know about your participation. CONTACT INFORMATION Petteri Maunu, president of Finnish Kickboxing Federation Tel: +358 40 757 1191 Email: petteri.maunu@kamppailuopisto.com

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