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World MMA Championships Among Juniors 2018
Team Country Entries
Armenian Federation Of Mixed Martial Arts(ARM)  ARMENIA 2
China Mixed Martial Arts Federation(CHN)  PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA 5
Czech association of MMA(CZE)  CZECH REPUBLIC 1
Federation of hand to hand fighting and MMA of Belarus, public association(BLR)  BELARUS 4
Federation of mixed martial arts of the Republic of Tajikistan(TJK)  TAJIKISTAN 2
MMA&P F Kyrgyzstan Republic(KGZ)  KYRGYZSTAN 4
NMMAPG Federation of Kazakhstan(KAZ)  KAZAKHSTAN 8
Uzbekistan MMA Federation(UZB)  UZBEKISTAN 2
Федерация СБЕ Санкт-Петербурга(Санкт-Петербург ФСБЕ)  RUSSIAN FEDERATION 7
        Clubs: 10        Total entries: 37
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