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2018-03-14 00:24:10
Open Zeeuwse 2018 by TKD Middelburg | Master Series Tournament ITF Netherlands Bekijk onder Downloads de deelnemers per categorie, inschrijvingen per club en geregistreerde officials (coaches, scheidsrechters, pers, etc.) per club!more
2018-01-25 23:12:28
Open Dutch Championships by Master Willy van de Mortel | Master Series Tournament ITF Netherlands // NEWS // /// EARLY WEIGH IN /// On Saturday there will be the option to weigh in (and height check) for those who are already in the area. We would recommend everyone who can to do this as it will help decrease the load/rush on Sunday. The weigh in ......more
2015-09-02 08:24:04
World Championships ITF Taekwon-Do HQ Korea 2017 - Netherlands Opening website Open WC ITF 2017 more
2015-05-13 11:57:06
World Championships ITF Taekwon-Do HQ Korea 2017 - Netherlands Today we are exploring the opportunties to use Sport Data for the World Championships 2017 in the Netherlandsmore
2013-04-06 12:49:49
2013 Canada Open Please note, that PayPal needs some time to verfiy each payment. As soon as a payment is verifed, the organizer of this event will get a notification about the payment and will enter the amount paid into the system. In case you change your entries or ad......more
2011-11-11 22:22:59
ITF Tournament Rigas Amber Cup 2011 Сегодня был заявлен первый спортсмен из Российского города Новосибирск, представитель клуба Олимп.more
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