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Gli atleti qualificati alla Finale del Campionato Italiano vengono iscritti direttamente dagli Uffici Federali in base ai risultati delle fasi regionali di qualificazione, compresi i qualificati di diritto e i qualificati tramite Ranking List.


2021.12.18 - 2021.12.19

Entry deadline

2021.11.13 - 2021.12.15
Registration expired

Registration mode

Same year (2021)

Time Zone

Europe/Rome (2024-06-18 21:43)




Via dei Sandolini, 79, 00122 Lido di Ostia RM

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Entries: For this event no entry permission is required.

All new entries on waiting list
All entries will be first on a waiting list and have to be attended by the event manager. The event manager manually moves these entries to the list of official entries after they are approved and / or after paying the entry fee. If you have any questions please contact the event manager.

Only this countries are allowed to register competitors: ITALY
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