Services and Licenses

Online management of events using SET Online on for Sub-Licensees (event managers on includes the following services and software products:
- SET Online: Event management and promotion of your events on
- SET Include: Includes all online registration features into your own website
- SET Software: The client software to use at stage, timing and scoring, manage entries, accrediations, access control, results, statistics, timetable, live scoring and results, ...

  Quick overview of the main software features

- Remote support (email, telephone, skype, team viewer ...)



For Info-Events no fees are charged!


The actual fees can be found here:

  Sportdata Online License Fees


Seminars and other events

The following fees are charged for seminars:
- EUR 1,- per Entry (plus VAT if event takes place in Austria).
- The minimum charges are EUR 149,- per event.

Premium Event Upgrade

For the Premium Event Upgrade no extra fee is charged.
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