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2015-06-22 15:48:58
2015 International Escaldes Karate OPEN...ANDORRA Ya disponeis de los resultados oficiales de nuestro Open. Now you can download the official results.more
2015-06-17 12:48:20
2015 International Escaldes Karate OPEN...ANDORRA Ya disponeis de los cuadrantes para nuestro Open. Para las dos jornadas de competición. Now you can download all the pools for our championship. more
2015-06-16 14:41:53
2015 International Escaldes Karate OPEN...ANDORRA Ya disponeis de las agendas definitivas para nuestro Open. Now you can download the schedules for our Open.more
2015-06-10 20:05:29
3rd Budobas International Karate-Do Championship Dear friends and Karatekas, This is the first Bulletin of Budobas International Karate-Do Championship in JJ stadium Chennai-India on 7th will be kumite training by Srnsei Mohd Abbas from Dubai United Arab Emirates (WKF Technical Commission) and 8th, 9t......more
2015-05-18 23:05:16
GOTHNBURG OPEN 2015 Coaches You dont need to have a coach badge to coach at Gothenburg Open. Each club gets free entry for one coach for every five contestants. The rest have to pay entry fee as visitors. Coaches should have proper dress according to the regulations. Jea......more
2015-05-18 22:52:50
GOTHNBURG OPEN 2015 Information about some categories Kata Female masters: no participants Kata Male masters: Categories +35 & +45 years merged to one category Kata male cadets: Dan & kyu categories merged to one category Kata male junior dan: no participants Kumite boy......more
2015-05-17 23:33:14
GOTHNBURG OPEN 2015 The preliminary draws is available now. please check under Downloads. more
2015-05-05 13:59:25
GOTHNBURG OPEN 2015 Rules Children Kata kategories will run in DUO-performance. In kata it is allowed to wear glasses and repeat same kata over and over. No contact to the head, face, or neck is allowed with any techniques, not even with geri. Any contact to the Jodan ar......more
2015-05-05 13:57:11
GOTHNBURG OPEN 2015 Preliminary schedule FRIDAY 22nd May 18.00–21.00 Weigh-in & registration in the hall SATURDAY 23rd May 8.00-14.00 Weigh-in & registration 8.30 Coach briefing 8.50 Line-Up & Openin......more
2015-05-03 07:57:24
2015 International Escaldes Karate OPEN...ANDORRA Si quieres seguir al detalle todo lo relacionado con nuestro Open puedes hacerlo a través de Twitter @XaviAndorra o a través del FaceBook Karate Xavi Andorra. Bienvenidos!!! If you want to know all details about our championship you can do it through......more
2015-04-01 22:56:21
5 th International Open - Basler Karate Competition 2015 Dear Referees We would like to invite you to our International tournament “Basler Karate Competition” alias Basler Open. The date of the tournament is the 30. Mai 2015 Saturday, held in Frenkendorf, Switzerland. There will be referee meeting befor......more
2015-03-31 14:30:26
14 th INTERNATIONAL KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS - CENTRAL EUROPE OPEN New date of Championships ! 12th of April 2015 - ONLY SUNDAY !more
2015-03-13 06:13:36
Междугородний турнир по каратэ памяти Ф.В. Старцева_COPY Турнир посвященный ученику, памяти Старцева Ф.Вmore
2015-03-06 10:26:57
Landesmeisterschaften NRW der Leistungsklassen Meldeschluss für die LM NRW 2015 ist der 09.03.2015more
2015-03-03 15:55:21
Svenska Mästerskapen 2015 Bästa SM deltagare, Både coacher och tävlande ska registreras med foto. Ackrediteringskort för både tävlande och coacher kommer att förses med foto för identifiering. Vänligen ladda upp foto på tävlande och coacher om det saknas foto på. ......more
2015-02-27 12:14:30
STAGE SENSEI AKITA ET SENSEI FISCHER Adresse du Stage: Hall Omnisport Hamm 157 rue de Hamm L-1713 Hamm more
2015-02-22 10:58:10
2015 International Escaldes Karate OPEN...ANDORRA Ya disponéis de las modificaciones arbitrales para nuestro Open 2015 en el apartado descargas. Now you have available the rules modifications for our Open 2015 in download section.more
2015-02-11 13:19:50
10. Thurgauer Nachwuchsmeisterschaft 2015 Der Zeitplan ist online verfügbarmore
2015-01-13 16:21:46
2015 International Escaldes Karate OPEN...ANDORRA Ya disponéis de los boletines de información de nuestro Open Escaldes Karate 2015 en Español e Inglés en el apartado descargas. Ya podéis igualmente realizar inscripciones en nuestro campeonato. Comienza la cuenta atrás... You have now available ......more
2015-01-08 22:23:16
Ishøj Kumite Cup 2015 New this year..... We offers accommondation and food, for 3 days for 100€ pr. person Accommondation area is on the local school 100m from the Arena. The sleeping quaters is grouprooms and there is security on the campus 24h. Check in 20-02-2015......more
2014-11-09 10:25:12
LJUBLJANA OPEN 2014 Applications are extended! Call the organizer. Welcome!more
2014-10-23 05:49:22
15th Euro Grand Prix - Pilsen Dear friend, photo from tournament will see on faceboook fotozamoment. Marek Kubinmore
2014-10-16 22:52:21
[Auto Škoda MB]
XXI. Christmas Price 2014 Těšíme se na vás na nejlepším turnaji mládeže v ČR.more
2014-10-16 13:58:39
15th Euro Grand Prix - Pilsen Draw for all categories ad time schedule is available. Rozlosovani všech kategorii a časový harmonogram je k dispozici.more
2014-10-13 21:15:24
Coupe Internationale de Kayl 2014 Hi all Draws and Timetable for the Coupe Internationale de Kayl are available for download on Sportdata Looking forward to welcome you this weekend Bonjour à tous Les tirages et les horaires sont téléchargeables sur Sportdata Au plai......more
2014-10-13 08:46:58
15th Euro Grand Prix - Pilsen Kategorie open se mění pravidla. Bude probíhat dle pravidel WKF, Délka zápasu na dvě minuty. Categories open change rules. This categories will be by WKF rules, Match time is 2 minutes. more
2014-10-13 08:44:58
15th Euro Grand Prix - Pilsen In action downloads all information about payment tournament. V sekci download najdete důležité informace o platbě startovnéhomore
2014-10-11 11:16:19
Österreichsiche Nachwuchsmeisterschaft 2014 Achtung: Für Nachnennungen ist die Nennungsfrist bis Samstag den 11.10.2014 bis 24:00 Uhr verlängert worden.more
2014-10-08 13:50:25
Karate1 Premier League – Grand Final - Salzburg 2014 IMPORTANT: Information for all referees and judges - Referee briefing There will be a short referee briefing (in official referee-uniform) on friday 7. p.m in the headquater-hotel (Austria Trend Hotel Salzburg West, Bundesstraße 4, 5073 Wals) held by......more
2014-10-07 22:15:39
15th Euro Grand Prix - Pilsen In section downloads now transport schedule from Prague airport and transport schedule sporthall-oficial hotels upgrade 14.10.2014 23:00more
2014-08-06 12:18:46
15th Euro Grand Prix - Pilsen Dear friend, on the section download now invitation letter for visa, accomodattion list and prices, transfer form. We invite all competitors to Czech republic. Marek Kubin Chairmain of tournamnetmore
2014-06-25 10:11:32
2014 International Escaldes Karate OPEN...ANDORRA Ya disponéis en el apartado Descargas de los resultados oficiales y del Ranking de entidades. We are now available the oficial resultas and the entities Ranking.more
2014-06-18 12:25:20
2014 International Escaldes Karate OPEN...ANDORRA Ahora SI los cuadrantes son definitivos. Now YES the draws are OK.more
2014-06-18 09:11:44
2014 International Escaldes Karate OPEN...ANDORRA El draw Male Sub 21 Individual Kumite -78 ha cambiado. Descargaros el nuevo. The Male Sub 21 Individual Kumite -78 draw has changed. You can download the new.more
2014-06-17 22:05:48
2014 International Escaldes Karate OPEN...ANDORRA Ya disponéis en el apartado Download de la agenda y de todos los cuadrantes de la competición. Now we are available in Download section the Schedule and all the draws for the competition.more
2014-06-12 13:55:27
11th INTERNATIONAL PALANDOKEN KARATE TOURNAMENT Dear Sir / Madam It is with great pleasure to announce that 11th International Palandöken Karate Tournament will take place in Erzurum Ice Hockey Arena between 15-17 August 2014. Attached you can find the bulletin I hope you will accept in......more
2014-06-10 09:31:29
2014 International Escaldes Karate OPEN...ANDORRA Ya disponéis de la agenda para la jornada del Viernes dia 20. You can download 20th Friday Schedule. Todas las noticias en Facebook Karate Xavi Andorra o en Twitter @XaviAndorra. All the news you can find them at Facebook or Twitter.more
2014-06-01 13:25:31
15th Euro Grand Prix - Pilsen Dear friends, OC prepare for you 1st bulletin in section Downloads. Marek Kubín Chairmain of tournamentmore
2014-05-18 20:43:55
2014 International Escaldes Karate OPEN...ANDORRA Pueden seguir todo lo relacionado con nuestro Open a través de Facebook Karate Xavi Andorra o de Twitter @XaviAndorra You must follow all aroung our Open through Facebook Karate Xavi Andorra or Twitter @XaviAndorramore
2014-04-22 19:06:46
19. Internationaler Krokoyama-Cup in Koblenz Poollisten und Zeitplan sind online / starting lists and time schedule are online Die gesamten Startlisten zum Krokoyama-Cup sind jetzt auf eingestellt und abrufbar. Der Zeitplan ist ohne Gewähr. Disziplinen können bis zu 30 min vorverl......more
2014-04-12 10:21:29
2014 International Escaldes Karate OPEN...ANDORRA Ya teneis disponible los cambios en el reglamento para nuestro Open (descargas). You have available all the changes in the rules for our Open (download).more
2014-02-27 09:45:43
2014-02-19 20:27:05
Roskilde Cup 2014 ”Roskilde Kyokushin Karate Klub can not assist in any application for visa as well as accomondation during the stay. Please ensure this is in order before registrering for the tournament.”more
2014-02-15 12:28:07
International Open Beirut Championship Dear all deadline extended to 20-2-2014 becuase Of the request of some countries more
2014-02-02 13:36:44
Ballerup Challenge Cup - Knock down karate The registration deadline for this years Ballerup Challenge Cup has been extended until February 5. After this date if fighters want to register please forward a request to challengecup@ to explore the possibility.more
2014-01-24 20:58:49
19. Internationaler Krokoyama-Cup in Koblenz The Entry Form is now available at downloadsmore
2014-01-24 04:31:34
Karate1 Premier League - Durban 2014 There will be a coach / referee meeting on Friday 21st of February at 20.00h after registration closesmore
2014-01-18 15:23:13
19. Internationaler Krokoyama-Cup in Koblenz Liebe Karatesportfreunde, Der Rheinland-Pfälzische Karate Verband e.V. möchte euch zum 19. Internationalen Krokoyama-Cup am 26. April 2014 in die CONLOG Arena (ehemals Sporthalle Oberwerth) nach Koblenz einladen. Wir werden das Turnier erstmals mit Tr......more
2014-01-15 16:15:17
2014 International Escaldes Karate OPEN...ANDORRA Ya disponéis de la información de los hoteles oficiales de nuestro Open para descargarla. You have available all the Open official Hotels information for downloading.more
2014-01-13 20:54:20
Ishøj Kumite Cup 2014 --- Includes kata Cadets Junior & Seniors --- Info Event All those who are registered on induviduel and team on all entries list is on. All those who are on the waiting list may not participate. see all entries listed here:
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