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Welcome - Sportdata Event Technology Online (SET Online)

Welcome to Sportdata Event Technology Online (SET Online)!

SET-Online allows teams, clubs and event managers to enter, administrate and monitor registrations quickly and comfortable! SET Online offers you the chance to transact all event activities paperless.

You would like to know if there are some events around and at what time they will take place? The event calendar offers any information you may desire.

As a registered club-/team manager you benefit from SET Online. You are able to:

  • manage your club data
  • add and manage as many competitors, coaches referees and officials as you want
  • request confirmations from the event manager
  • register and manage your individual competitors
  • register and manage your teams
  • register and manage your coaches
  • register and manage your referees
  • register and manage your officials
  • get information about the starting fee you have to pay
  • use integrated e-payment solutions to pay your entry fees
  • and many more...

As a registered event manager you benefit from SET-Online. You are able to:

  • setup, configure and manage your events (tournaments, seminars and other events)
  • schedule and manage the registration period
  • provide any information of the events
  • setup, configure and manage your categories
  • manage entry fee
  • provide integrated payment & accounting
  • use entry authorization system & filters
  • edit and manage registrations
  • use automated email communication
  • generate accreditation & validate them
  • use automatically generated results, statistics and reports
  • and many more...

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Last Changes
NETHERLANDS  2020-01-22 21:25:43
POLAND  2020-01-22 15:57:47
Puchar Polski Taekwon-Do Seniorów i Juniorów
NETHERLANDS  2020-01-18 18:08:34
Ohdokwan Team Cup
GERMANY  2020-01-17 17:01:19
ITF-D Open 2020
SPAIN  2020-01-16 19:41:19
Copa Catalunya 2020
SCOTLAND  2020-01-12 20:41:06
ITF Scotland National Championships 2020
SCOTLAND  2020-01-12 20:37:18
2020 North East Challenge Cup - NECC X
WALES  2020-01-12 20:35:08
2020 ITF Open Welsh
BELGIUM  2020-01-11 20:37:03
30th Belgian Championship
SLOVENIA  2020-01-10 09:53:43
8th ITF Taekwon-Do World Cup
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