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Auckland Championships 2017
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2017.04.07 - 2017.06.14 (expired)

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Exact day (2017.06.14)Pacific/Auckland (2017-11-22 15:03)
 NEW ZEALAND AKLD Netball, 7 Allison Ferguson Dr, Auckland
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jason@jyoshinmon.org.nzBank TransferPayPal

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Only this countries are allowed to register competitors: NEW ZEALAND


We have the honour of inviting you to the Auckland Champioships 2017 . This tournament includes Development, Intermediate and Premier Divisions. Development and Intermediate divisions are designed to give new and less experienced competitors the opportunity to try a karate tournament as well as a chance to learn from watching our more experienced competitors. Our hope is for all participants to have an enjoyable time and to be successful in this tournament whether it is because of great results or good improvement.

Karate Auckland Inc

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Karate Auckland

Westpac 03 - 0123 - 0328727 - 000 

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