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2018 HAITI Regional Championships & International Cup
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2018.08.24 - 2018.08.26

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2018.04.17 - 2018.08.26

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Same year (2018)

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America/Port-au-Prince (2018-10-16 22:12)




Centre Sport pour l espoir: Angle route neuf et route nationale # 1, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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Entries: For this event no entry permission is required.

The United Alliance of Shoto Karate-do of Haiti ( UASK of Haiti) presents Haiti Karate Championships & international cup of 2018. Please contact the event director at uaskw@aol.com for more information. All athletes will be expected on time to begin each category, which includes kata, kumite, and kobudo for individuals and teams. Prizes money will be issued to first places for elite division only.

Please all athletes must provide proof of medical insurance to participate. All entry fees of $ 60 USD and $5 for additkonal categories must be paid prior the event begin. After the deadline if you do not pay on time a late fee of $25 will be applied. For team you will pay $ 40 USD only. All new WKF regulations will be applied. Kata competitiion for children under 12 and 14 years old will not have specific variations from the standard rules, but a limitation to the kata list to less advanced kata may be used. in addition, Karatekas failing to complete their kata should be given the option of a second attempt without reduction of score. Kumite competition for these karatekas will be as followed: No contact in the head and neck is allowed and slight touch will be penalized except a controlled short of target technique at up to 10 cm distance will be a score. Even controlled techniques to the body contact beyond surface touch will not be valid. No sweeping or take down techniques are allowed for younger athletes. The fighting areas will be 8x8m and participants should be in a minimum of two bouts per competition. Coaches must be at their respective seat to be able to communicate with their athletes. All kata in the para-Karate division of the 3 categories will be judged by 7 judges in point scoring system as followed: {7.0, 8.0} mean=7.5 for eliminations {8.0, 9.0} mean=8.5 for finals. Video review may be used in all finals only.

All bouts will be one and half minutes (1 1/2 mn) except the elite division (3mn male and 2mn female) and these divisions will be based on height not weight in categories of 13 and under for a tottal of 8-point ceiling win per bout. All personal protective equipement should be used and any brand of protection is allowed not only WKF approved.

No refund and if you have any question contact the director of tournament at 818-425-6071 (usa) and 509-405-83181(Haiti)  or uaskw@aol.com.

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