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Traveling to this event?

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When: Registration and Weigh-in 8.00am, competition starts 9am

Where: West Melton Community and Recreation Centre, 1163 West Coast Road, West Melton

Entries Close: 9 pm 15th Sept 2023

Late entries, incorrect entries or entries without payment will not be accepted. 

Organiser: CWKA - Ross 021 225 8208 


Fees (unlimited events):

                         CWKA Financial Members                        Non Members 

    Individual Events    $50.00                                     $70.00

    Team Events         $30.00                                     $60.00



  1. Participation in this tournament is open to all clubs.

  2. If you feel sick or unwell leading up to the event, please do not attend. Your competitor entry fee will be refunded.

  3. WKF Rules will be applied in the Tournament.   

  4. All entries are final. Ensure all entry forms are completed correctly as incorrect age or weight information may result in disqualification from the tournament.

  5. All entries and payments must be completed by the Dojo Head, Sensei, or Instructor from each club as a single payment. When paying entry fees by internet banking please ensure that you note that the payment is for Canterbury Champs 2023.  If you do not have a club, or are making a single competitor entry, please contact the Organiser for individual payment details. 

  6. Coaches please ensure you player information is up to date in the sportsdata system, athletes get older and heavier/lighter and change grades. (The sportsdata system will only adjust age...not weight or grade).



Development – For kyu grades only and all competitors 9 years & under. You can only be in this division for a maximum of 2 years.

Intermediate – More experienced in tournaments but not at premier level yet. You can only be in this division a maximum of 2 years

Premier – For 2nd Kyu and above. Those attempting National teams must be in Premier divisions.  WKF rules apply. 

Kumite – All kumite divisions will be split into weight divisions so please make sure your weight is correctly entered otherwise you may be disqualified from that weight division.

Note - A competitor can only enter in one division. The division can be different for Kata and Kumite.

*** Divisions may be altered depending on number of entries


The following dress and safety equipment code will apply:

  • All competitors must wear a clean white Gi in good condition as per Article 2 of WKF Rules

  • All Kumite competitors must wear mouthguards

  • All Kumite competitors must wear approved hand mitts and shin/instep protectors

  • Compulsory to wear KNZ approved body protector

  • Headgear is optional

  • Boys/Men advised to wear approved groin protectors


The below conditions also apply for age group

13 yrs & below

  • Advised to wear KNZ Approved face protector

  • Compulsory to wear WKF Child Chest Protector, to be worn outside the Gi

Females 11-13 yrs

  • Advised to wear women’s chest protector (breast protector)

  • Compulsory to wear KNZ approved body protector

14 yrs & above

  • Compulsory to wear KNZ approved body protector, to be worn under the Gi.

Female 14 yrs & above

  • Compulsory to wear KNZ approved body protector

  • Advised to wear approved chest protectors(breast protector) underneath the body protector



As per current WKF Rules with the following modifications 


On scoring/contact: 

1. 9 yrs and under – Techniques to the head can score but absolutely NO contact will be allowed. Any contact at all, (unless by Mubobi) including skin touch, will be penalised. The first player to 8 points or the player with the most points at the time up will be deemed the winner. 

2. 10-13 yrs - Techniques to the head can score but absolutely NO contact will be allowed. Any contact at all, (unless by Mubobi) including skin touch, will be penalised. 

3. Cadets (14/15), Juniors (16/17) and Seniors (18+) – all as per WKF rulebook. 


Bout duration: 

6 -  9 years Bout duration 1.5 minutes 

10 - 13 years Bout duration 2 minutes 

14 - 17 years Bout duration 2 minutes 

18+ years Bout duration 3 minutes



The judging of all Kata competition will follow the WKF flag system, either 3 or 5 judges or the new WKF system.

Please note the following important changes in Kata which are being piloted in the Canterbury Westland Classic, which align the event with the new KNZ Kata system

Development Division Kata List: (in alphabetical order)

Gekisai (Geksai) 1, Gekisai (Geksai) 2, Heian Godan, Heian Nidan, Heian Sandan, Heian Shodan, Heian Yondan, Pinan Godan, Pinan Nidan, Pinan Sandan, Pinan Shodan, Pinan Yondan, Saifa, Seido 1, Seido 2, Tsuki no kata, Yangtsu

  • In the 9 yrs and under division competitors are required to perform compulsory Kata from the development division kata list.

  • A minimum of one Kata from this Development Kata list is required

  • Karate-ka can repeat consecutively; at least AAA… in all rounds

Intermediate Division Kata List:  (in alphabetical order)

Ananku (Ananko), Bassai Dai, Chinto, Garyu, Jion, Kanku Dai, Niseishi, Pachu, Seido 3, Seienchin (Seiyunchin), Sepai, Shisochin, Sushiho, Tsuki No, Wanshu.

  • Development division Kata can be performed in the Intermediate division, except in the medal rounds where intermediate Kata must be performed.

  • Karate-ka cannot repeat consecutively until the medal rounds; at least ABAB...

  • Karate-ka can repeat in the medal round, but the Kata must be from the Intermediate Kata list above

  • For this event, the kata list options are not style specific

  • Karate-ka require a minimum of two Kata to compete in this division (at least one from the Intermediate Kata list)

Premier Division Kata

  • Kata free choice in all rounds, no repeats. WKF rules apply.

Team Kata 

9yrs and under Only one Kata required. 

10-13yrs Only one kata, Bunkai required for medal rounds 

14-17yrs Only one kata, Bunkai required for medal rounds 

16 yrs+  Only one kata, Bunkai required for medal rounds


Divisions with three competitors will be run round robin with the placing’s decided on the number of wins achieved. If each competitor has one win each then placing’s will be decided on total points scored. 

Divisions with four to eight competitors will have one third place decided using the repechage system 

Divisions with nine or more competitors will use repechage to decide the third-equal placing’s. 

For Karate, repechage involves the competitors who were beaten by a finalist playing-off to decide the 3rd / 3rd equal placing/s. This means that all medal winners, except possibly for third-place in a round-robin division, will have won at least one match. 


As per WKF rules, follow the code of behaviour and the dress code, namely club or national tracksuit. Only one coach can be on the mat at a time, only official coaches on the mat and in the warm up area. 



2023.09.24 (08:00)

Entry deadline

2023.09.04 - 2023.09.19 (21:00)
Registration expired

Registration mode

Exact day (2023.09.24)

Time Zone

Pacific/Auckland (2023-10-02 14:34)




1163 West Coast Road, West Melton, Christchurch

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Entries: For this event no entry permission is required.

All new entries on waiting list
All entries will be first on a waiting list and have to be attended by the event manager. The event manager manually moves these entries to the list of official entries after they are approved and / or after paying the entry fee. If you have any questions please contact the event manager.

Only this countries are allowed to register competitors: AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND

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