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1. The AKF Judge-B examination and Coach Accreditation program is only open to the member National Karate Federation of AKF only.


2. The registration will be opened in two phases as described below:

  1. Phase 1, open exclusively for the NFs of the hosting zone, 22nd March-26th April.
  2. Phase 2, open for all member NFs of the AKF, 5th26th Apri.


3. Upon submission of your registrations online, please download a copy of the necessary form to fill in and endorse by the National Karate Federation.


4. The completed physical form shall be emailed to the AKF RC Secretary, .


5. All registration will be put on the pending list, and will be finalised upon verification by AKF RC Secretary.


6. Should the number of candidates submitted by an NF exceeded the maximum quota of 18 person, the first 18 persons registered online will be confirmed, and the exceeded candidates will be on the pending list.  If at the end of the registration there are vacancy, then the additional candidate will be accepted.  In all circumstances, the number of candidates accepted will be based on the registration order we received online. 


7. Upon confirmation of the registration, the NF can download the payment statement from the sportdata system and pay to AKF the registration fees.  The payment can be paid as follows:

  1. On site payment by cash.


8. Upon the closing of the registration, the registration fees shall be considered as an amount due to the AKF by the National Federation. 


9. Please note that the normal AKF ‘No Show’ and ‘Late Submission’ policy will be applied.


10. Please note that all candidates that passed their examination shall be required to officiate in the Zone Championship failing which will result in the license to be suspended or revoked.


11. All participating candidates for the Judge-B examination and coach accreditation program shall book their hotel accommodation through the host NF.  A copy of the bulletin which contain the booking information and program are available for download in the sportdata download section.


2024.05.07 - 2024.05.09

Entry deadline

2024.03.22 - 2024.05.02
Registration expired

Registration mode

Exact day (2024.05.07)

Time Zone

Asia/Shanghai (2024-05-25 00:54)




LuoHe Sports Center Gymnasium, No. 169, University Road, Yuanhui District, Luohe City, Henan Province, People Republic Of China

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Entries: For this event no entry permission is required.


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