Dear WAKO Friends,


The Hungarian Kickboxing Federation hereby kindly invites all the athletes, coaches, judges,                                      referees and officials of the WAKO family to come and take part in the 24th WAKO Kickboxing World Cup to be organized in Budapest from 17th to 20th   May 2018.


This Budapest competition is not only a competition in the row of events but has a special significance for us. It has a special meaning because only a few months have passed since the 2017 WAKO Kickboxing World Championships in Budapest that has been praised as one of the biggest and most successful events of WAKO.


We set the quality high for ourselves and to all the athletes, coaches and officials of kickboxing from all around the world with the organization of the World Championships. Naturally we do not want to compromise with the quality during our 2018 World Cup too.


We will do our best to provide at least a “world championships level” quality during our World Cup in Budapest of which anybody can be assured who visit us in Budapest.


The place of the competition would be the same as the World Championships’, namely BOK Sports Hall, this way the ring and tatami competitions will be organized at the same place. The sports hall and the organizers are ready and now it is the athletes’ turn to show us their knowledge.


Let’s head to Budapest in May 2018 again! We are kindly expecting everybody to make a great event together again.


Best regards,



President of WAKO Hungary



Istvan KIRALY - Vice President of WAKO Europe

Gabor JUHASZ - Vice President of WAKO Hungary

Krisztian JAROSZKIEVICZ - 9x WAKO World Champion

Zsolt MORADI -10 x WAKO World Champion


2018.05.17 (10:00) - 2018.05.20 (20:00)

Entry deadline

2018.02.14 (16:00) - 2018.05.16 (23:45)
Registration expired

Registration mode

Exact day (2018.05.17)

Time Zone

Europe/Zurich (2024-06-21 22:47)




Dózsa György út 1, 1146, Budapest

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Entries: For this event no entry permission is required.


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