K0F Kata 7yrs & Under, Open Grade, Female
K0M Kata 7yrs & Under, Open Grade, Male
K10 Kata Under 14yrs, Male Open
K11 Kata Under 14yrs, Female Open
K12 Kata 14-15yrs, Novice-4th Kyu M/F
K14 Kata 14-15yrs, 3rd-1st Kyu, M/F
K17 Kata 16-17yrs, 3rd-1st Kyu, M/F
K18 Kata Under 18yrs, Male Open
K19 Kata Under 18yrs, Female Open
K1F Kata 8-9yrs, Novice-7th Kyu, Female
K1M Kata 8-9yrs, Novice-7th Kyu, Male
K21 Kata Under 21yrs, 6th-4th Kyu, M/F
K24 Kata Senior, Novice-4th Kyu, M/F
K26 Kata Senior Male Open
K27 Kata Senior Female Open
K28 Para Kata, Visually Impaired, M/F
K29 Para Kata, Intellectually Impaired, M/F
K2F Kata 8-9yrs, 6th-4th Kyu, Female
K2M Kata 8-9yrs, 6th-4th Kyu, Male
K3 Kata 8-9yrs, 3rd-1st Kyu, M/F
K31 Kata Veteran 35yrs+, Male Open
K32 Kata Veteran 35yrs+, Female Open
K4 Kata 10-11yrs, Novice-7th Kyu, M/F
K5F Kata 10-11yrs, 6th-4th Kyu Female
K5M Kata 10-11yrs, 6th-4th Kyu, Male
K6 Kata 10-11yrs, 3rd-1st Kyu, M/F
K7 Kata 12-13yrs, Novice-7th Kyu, M/F
K8 Kata 12-13yrs, 6th-4th Kyu, M/F
K9F Kata, 12-13yrs, 3rd-1st Kyu, Female
K9M Kata 12-13yrs, 3rd-1st Kyu, Male
KM Kick Master 5yrs & Under, M/F
KM0F Kick Master 6-7yrs Female Open
KM0M Kick Master 6-7yrs Male Open
KM1 Kick Master 8-9yrs, Female Open
KM2A Kick Master 8yrs, Male Open
KM2B Kick Master 9yrs Male Open
KM3 Kick Master 10-11yrs Female
KM4 Kick Master 10-11yrs Male
KU0A Kumite 5-6yrs, Female Open
KU0B Kumite 7yrs Open Female
KU10 Kumite 12-13yrs, Novice-4th Kyu, Female
KU11 Kumite 12-13yrs, -47kg, Female
KU12 Kumite 12-13yrs, +47kg, Female
KU13 Kumite 12-13yrs, Novice-4th Kyu, Male
KU14 Kumite 12-13yrs, -50kg, Male
KU15 Kumite 12-13yrs, +50kg, Male
KU17 Kumite 14-15yrs, -54kg, Female
KU18 Kumite 14-15yrs, +54kg, Female
KU19 Kumite 14-15yrs, Novice-4th Kyu, Male
KU1A Kumite 5-6yrs, Male Open
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Traveling to this event?

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