Dear Masters, Instructors, Parents and Students,

All Coloured Belt and Black Belt members of the International Taekwon-Do Federation of B.C. are invited to participate in the 2023 ITF of B.C. Taekwon-Do Championships in the beautiful City of Burnaby, British Columbia.

It is our goal to provide an excellent and memorable experience for all participants and their supporters. This will be a well-organized event with an excellent level of competition and sportsmanship, demonstrating the true spirit of the original ITF Taekwon-Do.

In addition, Adapted Taekwon-Do Divisions will be available for our students with disabilities so that they may be able to experience competition at their own speed.  Please see the rules for Adapted Patterns and Mixed Abilities Divisions.

Taekwon-Do Kids age 4-6 may also participate with Fundamentals or Patterns, and Flag Sparring (which does not require sparring gear).  

All black and red belts ages 14 and older who will be required  to umpire will be provided free lunch. Lunch breaks will be on a rotational basis from 11  to 1pm. We will be making use of the “On Deck” system to ensure that all rings are constantly running and all competitors have ample time to check in.

Registration must be done through your coach through your school’s sportdata account. 

So let your coach know that you want to come and join us at the B.C. Provincials in the Spring of 2023!  




Mr. Darius Andaya (VI Dan)

DSA Taekwon-Do



1.   Individual Competitor Registration  Reg cutoff:  Feb 11, 2023    at 11pm PST

2.   Coach/Photographer Registration  Reg cutoff:  Feb 11, 2023    at 11pm PST

3.   Full Time Umpire registration   Reg cutoff:  Feb 11, 2023   at 11pm PST

4.   Team registration     Reg cutoff:  Feb 18, 2023   at 11pm PST

5.   Declaration of Consent Form Submit by coach to tournament director by Feb 18, 2023

6.   Certificate of Insurance Submit by coach to tournament director by Feb 18, 2023

 7.   T-shirt sales registration   Reg cutoff:  Dec 31, 2022 EXTENDED to Jan 31, 2023 FIRST COME FIRST SERVED  at 11pm PST  All shirts must be pre-ordered. There will be no sales at the Venue. 

       Price:  $40.00 for all sizes.

       Sizes:  Youth S, M, L    Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL






What:      2023 ITF of B.C. Taekwon-Do Championships

Who:        All ITF of B.C. affiliated schools and practitioners.

When:      Saturday, March 4, 2023  Bow in at 8:30am.

Where: Alpha Secondary Gymnasium (Parking entrance through the Alley)


Hosted By: DSA Taekwon-Do  

Contact: Darius Andaya


Tel: 604-355-0372

Fees: (Must compete in Individual Patterns and/or Sparring in order to compete in Powerbreaking or Specialty Breaking.)

Individual Patterns and/or Sparring 60
Taekwondo Kids /Little Dragons Fundamentals and/or Flag Sparring 60
Adapted Solo Patterns 30
Adapted Mixed Abilities 30
Powerbreaking Blue Belt and Up 18+ 20
Powerbreaking Black Belt 12+ 20
Specialty Breaking Bluebelt and up 12+ 20
Specialty Breaking Blackbelt 12+ 20

Coach Pass (Head /Blackbelt/Coloured Belt) (1 coach for every 4 students max)

Coloured belts may be coached by anyone.

Photographer Pass 20


Schedule of Events

Please note that these times are tentative, and will be confirmed as more details become available. The most up-to-date schedule of events can be found on the web page. A final schedule will be published prior to the event. 

Friday March 3, 2023 Competitors and Officials arrive in Burnaby, B.C.

     730-830 pm  Weigh ins/Coaches pick up Tournament Packages at Alpha Secondary Gymnasium.

     730-930pm  Setup at Tournament Venue

Saturday March 4, 2023

8-8:30am Blackbelt Weigh in at Venue (Last Chance)

8:30am Black Belt & Officials meeting – all Black Belts age 14 and up, and all Officials must be present

9:00am Opening Ceremonies

    9:30am Competition Starts

    5:30pm Competition Ends

Tournament Rules

All events at this tournament will follow the ITF of B.C. Appendix 1, CTFI Rules for Coloured Belt Competition and the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) Rules for Black Belt Competition.  Go to:


Special additions to these rules are as follows:

Patterns: (7+ years old) Single Elimination

Coloured Belt competitors will perform one Optional pattern which may be the pattern of their rank or the pattern immediately below their current rank to accommodate recently promoted students. Coloured Belts may not perform any pattern above that of their current rank.


Little Dragons or Taekwon-Do kids.  (4 to 6 years old)


Any set of fundamental movements 10 or less movements, not necessarily Saju Jirugi  or Saju Makgi. End with Hup to denote end of the set. Winners are determined according to the following criteria:  Execution of Technique, Breathing, Power and  Balance. E.g.


Flag Sparring:

· 45 second rounds. 3 flags each competitor to be inserted on their Belts, 1 in the front and 1 on each side.

· Objective: Keep your flags from being captured through footwork, body movements and flags.

· To win:

· Capture all flags.

· Capture more flags than opponent when time expired.

· Warnings: 3 warnings results in a return of 1 flag or a 1 point deduction

· Removing a flag after Haecho or Guman

· Having 3 or more points of contact on the ground i.e. falling

· Running away or delaying a match

· Striking, tackling, pushing, shoving, grabbing or grappling

· Holding ones own flag as defense

· Notes

· Competitors  who captures a flag by doing an illegal technique must return the flag.

· E.g. 


Cadet/Super Seniors

All Matches: One designated pattern for eliminations and finals (Pattern at rank level)


Pre-junior, Junior and Senior Black Belts all matches (Two Patterns at rank level)

1. First designated: any of 3 pattern on rank level (of competitor with the lower rank)

2. Second designated: Chon-ji to any Patterns of rank except first designated.


Mixed degrees:

If competitors compete with someone not of the same rank, the patterns to be used will be the patterns of the lower ranked competitor.


Special Needs Adapted Tournament Regulations

1. Competitors with any of the following conditions will be allowed to compete

· Motor/Physical Impairment  including loss, malformation or abnormality in the skeletal, muscular or neurological systems responsible for body motion. E.g. Those suffering polio, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, amputations.

· Sensory Impairment: For those with severe visual impairments, severe hearing impairments and those with language and communication disabilities that prevents them from competing in regular competition divisions. E.g. Blind, deaf, mute.

· Intellectual: For those characterized by a decline in higher mental functions (intelligence, language, learning,etc ) as well as motor functions.  This covers a wide variety of diseases and disorders including Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Asperger, Tourettes, to name a few.

2. Participants must be accompanied by an adult (aged 19 or up) who will be responsible for the conduct and behaviour of the participant.

3. The organizers may merge categories, if necessary, depending on number of participants.   A maximum of 4 participants per division shall be maintained.

Adapted Events

1. Adapted Solo Patterns  (Coaching–on-mat allowed if needed with a 1 point deduction) 

Competitors may perform any ITF Pattern.

2. Mixed Abilities 

Competitor  performs with a partner of their choice ( a coach or a fellow student) who knows about their abilities and limitations. The partner will help the competitor display Taekwon-do and/or Martial arts skills. Vocal and physical cues may be used. The partner may be anyone including the  competitor's coach, instructor, trainer, etc.  Rehearsed or unrehearsed routine is allowed.  Competitors may use props such as boards for breaking, or kicking pads and punch mitts. Minimum of 45 seconds to a maximum 60 seconds. Timer starts at "Sijak" and ends at "Go man".  E.g.

Special Notes

All coloured belt divisions will compete in patterns at one ring and then compete in the same ring for sparring. The sparring will take place immediately after patterns competition. Male and female will be combined for patterns when necessary.  Medallions will be awarded after patterns and sparring are both completed and will be presented at the ring.



Free Sparring

Coloured Belt and Black belts matches 7+ years old follow Double Elimination Rules. 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze will be provided.

 Duration of Matches (Double Elimination)

  • Coloured Belt 1 round of 1.5 minutes
  • Cadets, Super Seniors and Veterans 2 rounds of 1.5 minutes
  • Prejunior, Junior and Seniors 2 rounds of 2 minutes
  • Team Sparring 1 round of 2 minutes each match

In the specific instance of a first loss in the final match of a division (the winner of the B draw defeating the winner of the A draw) the result of the match be determined a tie. The winner will then be decided by overtime or, in the case of a continued draw, sudden death.


Team Sparring (Black Belts Pre Junior 12-14,  Junior 15-17, Seniors 18+, (5 members)

Competitors must follow the ITF World Junior & Senior Tournament Rules (T50) See Appendix I.

Organizers reserve the right to cancel the event  (with full refund) if time is not available.


Power Test Breaking  Special Notes

White boards and a single machine will be used.

World Cup rules for Powerbreaking will be applied.

Top 3 to score wins Gold, Silver and bronze. Competitor must score at least 1 point to win a medal. Divisions may be combined depending on number of competitors.


HAND TECHNIQUES (No hand Techniques for  Prejuniors)

Fore fist Front Punch (Ap Joomuk Jirugi)

Knife hand strike (Sonkal Taerigi)

Back Fist Strike (Dung Joomuk Jirugi)

Reverse Knifehand Strike (Sonkal Dung Taerigi)



Side kick (Yop Chagi) )

Turning kick (Dollyo Chagi)

Reverse turning kick (Bandae Dollyo Chagi)

Back Kick (Dwit Chagi)



12-14 X 1 X 1
15-17 1 2 1 1
18+ 2 3 1 2
36+ 1 2 1 1


Special Techniques Special Notes Will follow World Cup Rules

Top 3 to score wins Gold, Silver and bronze. Competitor must score at least 1 point to win a medal. Divisions may be combined depending on number of competitors.

 In case of fewer competitors, only the Flying High Front kick will be used.


12-14 220cm 110cm 190cm 90cm
15-17 240cm 120cm 210cm 100cm
18-35 250cm 130cm 220cm 110cm
36-45 240cm 110cm 200cm 80cm
46+ 230cm 100cm 190cm 70cm


In Patterns, Special needs division will have coaches allowed (as needed) on the ring with the student with a point deduction.


In Sparring, Coaches are encouraged for all Black Belt competitors and allowed for coloured belt competitors. Coaches must dress and behave as specified in the ITF competition rules.


Because all Black Belts age 14 are required to officiate, only Coloured Belts or Black Belts age 13 and below will be allowed to coach Coloured Belts.


Instructors, it is important that any of your student acting as coaches must be aware of and follow the correct protocol for interaction with officials. Before the championship, please take some time to train them on coaching protocols.


Head Coach

Each school/dojang will be allowed one (1) senior Black Belt as their designated “Head Coach” that can coach both Black Belts and Coloured Belts. Please note that the Head Coach will likely be asked to judge for Black Belt patterns competition.


Black belt Coach

Each school/dojang will be allowed one (1) Coach for every 4 Black Belts registered to compete, including the school “Head Coach”.


Only the Coach for a competitor in a Black Belt match can present a protest when a decision seems to violate the rules or procedures.



Only the Coach for a competitor in a Black Belt match can present a protest when a decision seems to violate the rules or procedures. The protest tax for this event is fixed at CDN$100.



It is our mission to provide a safe, fair, exciting and efficient competition for all students.


All Black Belts (age 14+) are required to assist with the umpire duties at this tournament. In the event of an umpire shortage, Red Belt and Black Stripes age 14+  may also be asked to assist with umpire duties for coloured belts. There should not be more than 1 Coloured Belt umpiring in one ring.


All Officials will receive a complimentary lunch on the day of competition. All officials must attend the Black Belt meetings to be held at the beginning of the tournament at the time noted in the schedule above.


All referees and judges must wear official ITF dress.


Black Belts who do not participate in umpiring as assigned

will not be allowed to compete.


Club Photographers


Any school may purchase a pass for photographers to have access to the competition floor to take photos of their participants.


Competitor Dress Code

Competitors must wear the internationally approved ITF dobok from a recognized manufacturer. Old style doboks without the ITF Coloured Fist are only allowed for coloured belts. 


Head / neck coverings may be worn by all competitors. Head / neck coverings MUST:

a. Be constructed of a solid white colour,

b. Be made of a soft and/or elastic material,

c. NOT contain any hard materials, metal, grips or slides,

d. Fit, and remain, fully within the confines of the safety headguard and the dobok jacket while the competitor is sparring.


Undergarments, of a soft or elastic nature ONLY, may be worn beneath the competitor’s dobok (beneath the top and/or trousers). Undergarments (only those garments that are visible while competitor is competing) MUST: i. Be of a solid white colour, ii. Be made of a single layer of soft and/or elastic material,


Undergarments MUST NOT:

· Provide additional protection from impact,

· Contain any hard materials, metal, grips or slides.

· Extend past the distal portion of either the wrist or the ankle.


Tape/soft banding/soft strapping may NOT be used in the following circumstances: I

· Special Technique: NO tape/soft bandaging/soft strapping may be used on any joint of the competitor’s lower extremities. (Knees, ankles, toes)

· iPower Test: NO tape/soft bandaging/soft strapping may be used on any part of the competitor’s attacking tool or the joints associated with the break being performed. (Fingers, wrist, elbow, toes, ankle, knee).


Tape/soft bandaging/soft strapping may be used on parts of the body not directly involved in the breaking process

a. Example 1: Breaking with right fore-fist and competitor has banding on left elbow due to injury in sparring

b. Example 2: Breaking with left side piercing kick and competitor has a bandaid/plaster on left hand due to a laceration


Any and all competitor safety equipment, protective wear, taping/bandaging/strapping, clothing and/or accessories/adornments may be subject to inspection and approval or rejection by either the Tournament/Umpire Committees. Determination of the committee involved is final and binding.





Entry deadline

2022.12.12 - 2023.02.28 (23:00)
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Registration mode

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Time Zone

America/Vancouver (2024-02-21 00:02)




930 Alpha Avenue Burnaby BC V5C 3E2

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